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Smoother and Utility Knife Installation Kit

Hang your Peel and Stick Wallpaper with ease! This essential installation kit helps you to easily cut around corners, outlets and molding and will eliminate air bubbles as soon as they pop up. Don't leave your decorating project to chance, with the Smoother and Utility Knife kit, you'll be prepared to take on any challenges that may arise. Includes one smoothing tool and one utility knife.

Abby Lee Yellow Flowers

The sun pours in like butterscotch, and daisies dot the walls! This darling floral polka dot wallpaper is invigorating and happy in a fresh yellow hue.
$1.21 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Anette Wheat Bleeding Heart Texture

Visually, this wallpaper looks incredibly dimensional with varying tones of cream, grey, and wheat. A lovely, subtle silver shimmer glimmers throughout the paper.
$1.60 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Asha Pearl Lotus Damask

If you are a lover of all things glamour and want to open up a room with light-catching texture, this wallpaper is a perfect fit. Its base is a beautiful, shimmering pearl color with a matte taupe large scale damask throughout.
$1.67 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Blue Geo Base

$79.98 $19.99

Brown Rememberance

Christel Black Fading Busy Toss

A silvery blue wallpaper is given even more icy dimension with crisp white and blue curly vines. Great for a pre-teen's bedroom or hallway!

Eclipse Black Diamond Geometric

Ultra chic, this black designer wallpaper has luxe accents of suede and enamel for a swanky mod effect.
$3.02 $0.53/Sq Ft.

Elizabeth Cream Floral Trail

A beautiful array of light orange flowers float upward on a minty green trail, in this charming country wallpaper.
$1.67 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Gold Sofonisba Damask

$1.67 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Grey Encore

$115.98 $39.99

Isla Blue Paisley Wallpaper

A pleasing blue and cream make up this ultra pretty and captivating large-scale paisley design wallpaper, a contemporary twist on a classic.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Mila Grey Mini Classical

An elegant grey wallpaper with a sophisticated silver radiance. The scrolling design is a clean, contemporary take on an art nouveau swirl,
$2.41 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Neutral Frida

$1.67 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Paradise Pink Bamboo

This bamboo wallpaper is ultra fun! Malibu pink behind a bamboo forest motif makes a dreamy tropical paradise scene that's impossible not to smile at!
$3.29 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Poesy Gold Damask

The palest hint of gold on walls, this precious metal infused damask wallpaper is luxurious and high fashion.
$2.13 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Susan White Floral Trail

A bright meadow of tiny trailing flowers awaits your walls with happy country-chic charm.
$1.21 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Yellow Safari Texture

$1.60 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Bali Beige Scrolling Pattern

A traditionally inspired design with a fun flair, this beige wallpaper brings a neutral but playful pop to walls.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Bali Brown Scrolling Pattern

Taking cues from traditional designs, this tonal wallpaper brings a fun jacobean scroll pattern to walls in brown and beige.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Bali Light Grey Scrolling Pattern

This neutral grey and cream patterned wallpaper is definitely not boring! The colors are soft, but the pattern is fun and playful with classic influences.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Bali Stripe Blue Stripe

Stripes of stripes, in varying widths make this pretty blue wallpaper unique and fun with traditional roots.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Bali Stripe Brown Stripe

A fun stripe pattern wallpaper, this design features varying widths of brown and beige for a classic coordinating detail on walls.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Bergamo Beige Damask Texture

An authentic paper weave weave wallpaper, this designer pattern is enhanced with a luxurious damask design in creamy beige.
$4.31 $0.42/Sq Ft.

Eclipse Beige Diamond Geometric

A fun mod pattern in beige brings a retro wallpaper design to walls with suede and enamel details.
$3.02 $0.53/Sq Ft.

Eclipse Brown Diamond Geometric

This contemporary wallpaper is luxe and chic with soft brown suede and taupe enamel geometrics.
$3.02 $0.53/Sq Ft.

Elspeth Beige Metallic Leaf

A warm and natural pattern, this wallpaper brings a grasscloth textured look with a light sheen and a graceful leaf pattern in a maize hue.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Elspeth Brown Metallic Leaf

With a light shimmer and a dimensional grasscloth texture look, this golden brown wallpaper brings a metallic sheen and a graceful leaf pattern.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Elspeth Light Brown Metallic Leaf

Classy and graceful, this leaf pattern wallpaper has a subtle sheen and an organic faux grasscloth texture.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Elspeth Light Green Metallic Leaf

Timeless and graceful this leaf wallpaper pattern trails over a faux grasscloth texture with a subtle sheen in an organic wheat and green colorway.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Elspeth Mustard Metallic Leaf

This rustic-chic wallpaper has a golden mustard brown grasscloth texture with a gentle luster beneath a graceful leaf pattern.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Freesia Aqua Fun Floral

A fresh blue-green wallpaper under a large-scale white floral silhouette brings an invigorating and happy pattern to walls.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Freesia Beige Fun Floral

This floral silhouette wallpaper brings natural beige and hazy pale blue to walls. A pleasant and tranquil color combination, this lovely design is modern and pleasing.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Freesia Cream Fun Floral

With a champagne shimmer and a fun floral silhouette, this wallpaper graces your room with a fresh beauty.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Freesia Light Grey Fun Floral

Subtle, but striking, this lovely wallpaper contrasts a creamy warm white with a light grey to bring a fun floral silhouette to walls.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Freesia Neutral Fun Floral

A subtle tonal in a fresh white colorway, this fun floral wallpaper design adds depth and beauty by layering a suede accent silhouette.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Freesia Taupe Fun Floral

A very chic nude taupe wallpaper, this designer pick is embellished by a white suede accent floral print.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Isla Light Grey Paisley Wallpaper

This beautiful paisley design wallpaper is a large scale patterned motif for walls. A classic design theme with a modern flourish, this wallpaper is truly charming.
$2.63 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Laila Taupe Grasspaper

Like a contemporary twist on a grasscloth stripe, this designer wallpaper brings intrigue and texture to walls with fine details of suede accents.
$2.84 $0.53/Sq Ft.

Liesel Brown Damask

So rich and luxe, this designer damask wallpaper creates a golden trellis over a delicious chocolate background.
$3.02 $0.53/Sq Ft.

Lopeka Beige Modern Damask

A warm modern damask print, this wallpaper has a tropical class in a salted caramel and natural vanilla color way.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Lopeka Brown Modern Damask

A rich brown gives depth to this modern damask wallpaper while a light taupe graces your walls with a fun pattern of attractive details.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Lopeka Light Brown Modern Damask

A neutral colorway of taupe and beige tone this bold modern damask wallpaper pattern to a pleasing backdrop for your room.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Lopeka Light Grey Modern Damask

Warm and playful, with the allure of sublety, this modern damask print wallpaper swirls a pretty design on walls in a buttercream and pale dove grey colorway.
$2.80 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Malabar Light Green Leaf

Renouned designer Joseph Abboud creathed this wallpaper pattern to bring a classy motif with an authentic texture to walls in a fresh pale green hue.
$2.84 $0.53/Sq Ft.

Malabar Light Grey Leaf

A classy natural design, this wallpaper by Joseph Abboud brings an authentic leaf motif to walls in a wintery grey and white pattern.
$2.84 $0.53/Sq Ft.

Mallory Tawny Ikat Medallion

A warm, cinnamon spiced designer wallpaper, this pattern has a handwoven silk texture and a sassy ikat motif.
$2.66 $0.53/Sq Ft.

Mandalay Grey Ikat Stripe

Classy and cool, this designer wallpaper has a timeless grey stripe pattern with a chic silk texture.
$2.66 $0.53/Sq Ft.

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