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Smoother and Utility Knife Installation Kit

Hang your Peel and Stick Wallpaper with ease! This essential installation kit helps you to easily cut around corners, outlets and molding and will eliminate air bubbles as soon as they pop up. Don't leave your decorating project to chance, with the Smoother and Utility Knife kit, you'll be prepared to take on any challenges that may arise. Includes one smoothing tool and one utility knife.

Abigail Pink Rosebud Trail

This stylish vintage wallpaper brings timeless charm to walls. With a Victorian feel and delicate pink and green details, this rosebud floral trail is beautiful.

Acanthus Brown Faux Silk Fabric

Surround yourself in raw silk, with this faux fabric wallpaper in a golden, natural hue.

Acanthus Haze Faux Silk Fabric

Add an elegant flow to your home décor with this gorgeous faux silk wallpaper on your walls.

Acanthus Purple Faux Silk Fabric

Your walls will look warm and inviting with this faux silk fabric wall covering, featuring a punchy, bright purple hue.

Acasta Ivory Damask

Bring a stylish and decadent shimmer to a room with this luxurious damask wall paper of an iridescent design. A glorious reflection of neutral tones, create a magnificent mirrored effect on walls.

Adelise Beige Jacobean

Floral, without being too flowery, this designer wallpaper creates depth and style on walls. A soft golden stripe texture is enhanced by tactile jacobean accents in cream and beige.

Adelise Blue Jacobean

Building a very cultured and fashionable beauty on walls, this jacobean floral wallpaper has elite designer details with texture and depth. Distressed brass, grey and soft blue.

Adelise Olive Jacobean

This cultured designer wallpaper builds a beautiful look on your walls in soft olive and white.

Adelise Taupe Jacobean

Fashionably embellished with fine details and texture effects, this taupe floral wallpaper is not too flowery.

Aeneas Stripe Beige Textured Pinstripe

A textured pinstripe wall paper of a warm sandy hue, coats walls in radiant rays of silver and bronze light.

Aeneas Stripe Silver Textured Pinstripe

Like a well tailored suit, this pinstripe wallcovering of grey and silver hues, brings dazzling adornment to walls in a perfectly structured texture.

Ahliya Green Pewter Texture

A dazzling emerald green wallpaper with a velvety and chic shimmer texture.

Alex Beige Damask Stripe

A beautiful choice for an entry way, this ombre stripe fades from white to cream to wheat, and back again. Multiple, raised vertical stripes are laden within the wider stripes of color and a transparent ornate damask fills the paper, throughout.

Alex Blue Damask Stripe

Cool and calming, this breezy blue wallpaper fades in ombre style from dark to light vertical stripes. A faint busy damask is barely visible, but adds incredible dimension and interest.

Alex Green Damask Stripe

A rich and beautiful earthy green color palate brings the modern style of ombre to a traditional era.

Alexi Blue Ornate Criss Cross

Light, weathered grey is a beautiful base for the subtle texture featured in this wallpaper. An emboldened grey-blue crisscross pattern stands out and creates beautiful geometric shapes, when layered atop the textured base.

Alexi Gold Ornate Criss Cross

A cross between vertical wood grain and raw silk comprise the background texture of this elegant crisscross print wallpaper.

Alexi Grey Ornate Criss Cross

Flowing and light, the wavy crisscrossed texture featured in this wallpaper is visually propelled forward with a light shadow outline and a grounded, textural base.

Alexi Light Grey Ornate Criss Cross

A light grey-blue vertical texture peeks out through the darkened grey crisscross design, featured in this elegant wallpaper.

Alexi Storm Ornate Criss Cross

Elegant and understated, this simple wavy crisscross design flows above a vertically-lined neutral texture.

Alexi Violet Ornate Criss Cross

A sweet violet tone with a blue leaning, is absolutely delightful on your walls. The wavy crisscross pattern, layered on top of a texturized wood grain base, is given lift with artful shadowing.

Alton Beige Geometric Texture

Coat walls in a cafe au lait hue with this modern geometric wall paper. A subtle bronze finish adds warm and stylish detail to a room.

Alton Gold Geometric Texture

This sparkling geometric wall paper of a shining gold texture, brings sensational adornment to walls of modern style and appeal.

Alton Grey Geometric Texture

Bring a chic metallic luster to walls with this contemporary geometric wallpaper. A radiant grey texture that's fresh and dynamic.

Amira Stripe Blue Horizontal Multi Stripe

Bring a well dressed appeal to walls with this dashing blue wallpaper featuring a horizontal multi stripe design adorned in splashes of glistening light.

Amore Champagne Leaf Trail

Dress your décor for delicious and dazzling. This designer wallpaper is floated with a champagne shimmer and stroked with a whipped cream leaf scroll.

Amore Gold Leaf Trail

A gourmet designer wallpaper, this gold and chocolate leaf scroll sets the ambiance for dazzled.

Andrea Ale Ornate Ogee

Elegant and timeless, this wallpaper features a monochromatic color scheme of sand and ale. The floral ogee is a classic print, however on top of a lighter toned background that looks like parchment, a modern flair comes to light.

Andrea Blue Ornate Ogee

Sweet and lovely, brighten up your walls with this luxurious blue-on-blue ogee wallpaper!

Andrea Cream Ornate Ogee

Cream and grey combine to create a stone-like texture that catches the light, underneath a beautiful taupe floral ogee.

Andrea Ebony Ornate Ogee

A dark grey background looks like faux fabric, bringing dimension and added texture to the saturated black ogee print featured in this wallpaper.

Andrea Gold Ornate Ogee

Live the gilded lifestyle with this regal, golden ogee on top of a dark champagne base.

Andrea Green Ornate Ogee

For the glamorous style maven, this wallpaper looks regal and modernly stylish. A light green really allows a true teal ogee print to stand out and look elegant.

Andrea Grey Ornate Ogee

Modern and glamorous, this wallpaper features a very light mint green floral ogee on top of a rich grey background.

Andrea White Ornate Ogee

Modern and feminine, this stylish wallpaper features an opaque, neutral grey ogee print on a bright white background.

Annabelle Sand Floral Toile

Traditional wallpaper is given more interest with a parchment-like background in cream and a beautiful floral toile in wheat and green.

Annabelle Wheat Floral Toile

What looks like an aged parchment in wheat, creates a beautiful, dimensional background to the colorful floral toile featured in this wallpaper.

Anne Gold Ticking Stripe

Clean, simple style lies at the heart of this chic wallcovering of beige and gold stripes resembling a lightweight linen fabric.

Antiquity Beige Linen Toile

Invite a vintage beauty into your home with this chic heirlom toile pattern. Crumbling countryside relics are depicted in a chic gold ink over a soft linen texture.

April Brown Acanthus Lattice

Get the best of both worlds, when you add this wallpaper to your home décor: earthy, natural tones and an ornate, regal pattern.

April Charcoal Acanthus Lattice

Elegant and refined, this classic trellis print is given added dimension and interest when layered atop a faux raw silk wallpaper in a deep grey hue.

April Light Grey Acanthus Lattice

A dreamy grey blue backdrop sets a light and airy tone to your walls, while the classic acanthus lattice print grounds this wallpaper.

April Purple Lattice

If you have a refined, traditional palette, this wallpaper will fit seamlessly into your décor. Using a traditional acanthus lattice pattern, this wallpaper will add depth and ornateness to any room.

April Silver Acanthus Lattice

Classic, authentic, and refined, this acanthus trellis print harkens back to the Victorian era while a modern clean color scheme updates the print.

Arabella Gold Damask

A large scale golden damask pattern, this regal wallpaper designs a shining fabric of luxury for your walls.

Arabelle Beige Stripe

An intriguing striped wallcovering with a beige marble backdrop and luxurious embossed detail.

Arabelle Blue Stripe

This grey and blue stripe wall covering is a classic and sophisticated décor option, bringing coastal inspiration to walls in a fresh blue hue and soft raised inks.

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