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Smoother and Utility Knife Installation Kit

Hang your Peel and Stick Wallpaper with ease! This essential installation kit helps you to easily cut around corners, outlets and molding and will eliminate air bubbles as soon as they pop up. Don't leave your decorating project to chance, with the Smoother and Utility Knife kit, you'll be prepared to take on any challenges that may arise. Includes one smoothing tool and one utility knife.

Black Tribal Border

This ornate wall border has fresh, global appeal. Beautifully adorned elephants and monkeys make a royal entrance, all styled atop a paisley backdrop for an exotic punch.
$30.00 $9.99

Light Pink Floral Scroll Border

Silhouetted and tonal, this floral scroll border adds a subtle touch to any room.
$39.99 $9.99

Red Tribal Rope Border

A beautiful tapestry style border featuring a gorgeous diamond rope print.
$39.99 $9.99

Beige Tribal Rope Border

This gorgeous tapestry style border has a worldly vibe with a chic diamond print and elegant rope detail.
$39.99 $9.99

Blue Country Garden Border

Featuring the charming artwork of Valorie Evers Wenk, this delightful country scene pays homage to the natural beauty of the outdoors inviting a well-loved spirit to décor.
$63.99 $9.99

Blue Feathered Folk Border

Birds of a feather stick together on this darling wall border that has a beautiful folk art spirit.
$30.00 $9.99

Blue Nautical Border

A perfect border for any nautical themed room, have fun placing this colorful medley of sailboats and lighthouses wherever the tide takes you.
$39.99 $9.99

Blue Prairie Border

Darling petite floral border sweet as can be on any wall.
$39.99 $9.99

Brown Tribal Rope Border

This beautiful tapestry style border has an ethnic vibe with a chic diamond print and elegant rope detail.
$39.99 $9.99

Green Bamboo Frame Border

Transitional bamboo framework border in country club green on a tan-cream backdrop.
$39.99 $9.99

Green Bamboo Frame Border

Vintage bamboo frame worked border in midnight black on a horsed putter green background.
$39.99 $9.99

Green Gardening Border

Charming backyard apple picking yard work border with a whimsical country flair.
$39.99 $9.99

Green Siring Garden Border

Grace walls in this adorable floral print that's pretty and fresh. A playful garden scene that adds delight to any room in your home.
$30.00 $9.99

Lavender Floral Border

Bring the enchanted beauty of an English garden to walls with this stylish wall border where pink and lavender florals render a romantic backdrop.
$30.00 $9.99

Lavender Flower Name Border

Flower's have names, and these beauties stand with their Latin names. This border is perfect for kitchen décor.
$39.99 $9.99

Lavender Orchid Border

Darling orchids in creamed lavender over a wrinkle texture backdrop.
$39.99 $9.99

Light Blue Floral Silhouettes Border

Abstract floral silhouettes border on a faux crackle backdrop in watercolor tones is delightful for bathroom decor.
$39.99 $9.99

Light Green Flower Name Border

Charming floral cameo with scripted names on a white backdrop, perfect for kitchen décor.
$39.99 $9.99

Pearl Globe Border

A distressed leather backdrop gives way to brilliant orbs of shimmering beauty. This geometric style border makes an enchanting addition to any space.
$30.00 $9.99

Red Bamboo Frame Border

Vintage bamboo frame worked border in brick red on a horsed brown background.
$39.99 $9.99

Red Country Rose Border

Magnified atop a red plaid texture, this beautiful floral trail has a slightly aged appearance, only adding to the overall warm and inviting glow of this lovely wall border.
$39.99 $9.99

Red Tribal Border

Elevate the look of your room with this exotic wall border. Artfully adorned animals make an exquisite entrance, while a radiant red backdrop is enhanced in a stylish paisley design.
$30.00 $9.99

Rose Butterfly Vine Border

Soaring border of a lush vine trail with buzzing butterflies in faux watercolors over a warm beige backdrop.
$39.99 $9.99

Rose Cameo Flowers Border

Precious cameo flower border on a grayed cream backdrop with hues of blue.
$39.99 $9.99

Taupe Tribal Rope Border

This beautiful tapestry style border is cultivated in a chic diamond print and fabulous rope detail.
$39.99 $9.99

Yellow Floral Trail Border

Bloomed and flourishing floral trail over a buttered yellow backdrop. This border adds sunshine to the walls.
$39.99 $9.99

Yellow Seahorse and Starfish Border

Make a splash with the fun wall border inspired by the sea. Starfish and seahorses make a colorful impact atop of fresh yellow backdrop.
$39.99 $9.99

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